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Abcess & Infection

Well, Jimmy seems to have an abcess that has caused an internal infection. Last night he was so lame on the RF heel that he could hardly walk on it. He also had a fever and was significantly hot to the touch. I gave him a gram of bute for the pain and after talking with the barn owner, called the vet for further recommendation. She suggested 12cc of Banamine and packing the foot with a sugar-iodine mixture. We did both. He was very thirsty and drinking lots of water, which made me feel somewhat better. We’re going to get him started on some antibiotics today so that he can get some help fighting the infection.

Linda, the barn owner, and I have theorized that he has an abcess. He was sore a few days ago, but then he was fine for a couple of days. We’ve theorized that it must have popped and relieved some of the pressure/pain. However, we think it must have popped internally because there never has been discharge from the heel (or anywhere on the foot). We also think that there must be two abcessed pockets in the heel because he was fine for a couple days and then yesterday, could hardly walk on it. Of course, we don’t know how badly it really hurts or if Jimmy is just kind of a wuss and a drama queen when it comes to pain. It was clear that he was very uncomfortable though. If if it is still all internal, then that makes sense why he would have a fever (his body if fighting infection).

I was relieved to find that there was no abnormal heat in the leg with the bowed tendon. He has been putting a lot of pressure on the bowed leg, as well as his hind legs (shifting his weight back and forth onto the hocks from his front end). He actually spends a lot of time laying down, which I think is his comfortable position. I was told that he did a lot of laying down when he initially bowed the LF. He’s not dumb! Laying down has got to be more comfortable on all the legs than standing on 3 of them.

Jingles for Jimmy in making a swift recovery!


One thought on “Abcess & Infection

  1. I am sorry to hear about Jimmy’s abcess. I just recently found Jimmy’s photo on “Friends of Feridnand” and fell in love. I will continue to keep an eye on him. Please give him a treat from me and a kiss and hug.Barb

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