FFI · Mynard Road

The Gimpster

I’ve started calling Jimmy “Gimpy” or “Gimpy Boy.” It seems to suit him. For as big as he is, somehow you’d think he’d be tough. But really, he is very sweet and sensitive — and he gives you this look with these puppy dog eyes that seem to say “please make the ouchy go away.” 😦

All of you out there in blog reading land will be relieved to know that Jimmy appeared to be much more comfortable today. While still fairly gimpy, he was at least putting weight on the right front. He did have banamine again today to help him stay comfortable. It will be interesting to see how he does tonight and tomorrow without it (Linda’s out of it). I was happy to see that the duct tape was still holding the sugar-dine solution to his foot as well. Angie Blackwell, Jimmy’s vet, also provided him with some antibiotics, to make sure that he has all the help he needs in fending off this infection. I’ll soak and repack his foot tomorrow night and that should hold until the farrier is out on Monday morning.

Hang in there Gimpster! 🙂


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