FFI · Mynard Road

Gimpy, But Better

Jimmy appears to be feeling much better! While he still favors his right front, it doesn’t seem to be near as sore as it has been. When I got him out of his stall today, he was favoring the RF, but not 3-legged lame like he had been. Plus, his attitude seemed to be much more positive. He really seemed like he wanted to jump around, but didn’t because of the sore front. He did toss his head around and give off a tiny squeal of joy a few times to let me know that he was feeling good. I was also finally able to get to his other feet. Unfortunately, because he has been firmly planted on his other three feet (not allowing me to pick any of them up until today since the beginning of the abscess), I found that he has a rather nasty case of thrush in all three. I’m treating them with Koppertox, which should clear it up quickly. The farrier will be back on Tuesday for a trim. Hopefully we’ll be able to get back into some regular work here pretty soon!


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