FFI · Mynard Road

Abscess Wars: Nearing The End

I think that Jimmy finally seems to be near the end of his battle with the abscess. Ryan broke it open again on Tuesday and I packed it with Betadine for a couple of days and now I’m using a gentle Iodine. Ryan also trimmed the front feet. He said that the back feet were nearly worn down to nubs, and didn’t feel that there was even enough to trim. He also mentioned that the front feet did not look like the soles had been cut away due to white line disease. He also mentioned that all of Jimmy’s feet were WAY out of balance. He doesn’t know how much correction he’ll be able to make in the few months that Jimmy is with me. It will be vitally important for whoever owns him to work with a shoer or trimmer that will properly balance the feet. This will be essential to him staying sound on that bow and work in comfort once he’s in regular work.

Back to the abscess…I know its draining because the smell is pretty awful when I unwrap the foot. Jimmy is barely limping anymore. I put him on the lunge yesterday just to see what his walk looked like. He kind of stabs that right front (the abscessed foot) into the ground when he walks. He offered a little trot and was pretty stiff in his hind end. He creeks a lot when he first comes out of his stall. I think he’s definitely got some arthritis in the hocks and perhaps the hind pasterns. I think getting outside will do him some good. If the weather is decent tomorrow, we’re going to turn him out in the grass outdoor arena. He’ll have a chance to blow off some steam. It will be his first time in a large turnout area (he’ll have his boots on), but I think the grass will offer some deterrent from running and jumping. He has a whole lot more attitude now that he’s feeling better and still confined to the stall. He’s still sweet, but he’s very obviously bored and has a hard time standing still. The bow remains cold (or at least no warmer than the non-bowed leg) although he does rest it frequently. I think though that it may have become a habit during his recovery period to rest that leg. Who knows?


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