FFI · Mynard Road

Still Irritating

Well, the abscess has once again reared its ugly head. This darned thing just won’t go away. I thought it had, and stopped wrapping his foot and a few days later – BAM – its back. The vet put him on another round of Tucoprim, which this time, he’s not real keen on eating. We’re also soaking his hoof and keeping it wrapped all the time to keep it clean until we’re sure its gone.

In addition to all this, because the abscessing foot has been sore he has been carrying a lot of his weight on the bowed leg. Therefore, the bow is warm again. It hasn’t rebowed, but it is definitely tender and is warm to the touch. We gave Jimmy a temporary wedge pad using baby diapers, vet wrap and a special boot. Once the abscess heals and he can have shoes on both feet, we’ll have the farrier out to put a wedge pad on the bowed leg and provide relief for that tendon. In the mean time, he’ll be wearing the temporary wedge. The good news is that he seemed to be immediately more comfortable with the temporary wedge in place.

Keep jingling for Jimmy!


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