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Stormy Learns About Side Reins

Today Stormy had his first lesson in the bitting rig. As far as I know, this was his first lesson in sliding siderein. The bitting rig is a little different than just a sliding siderein because it has a padded elastic strap that goes around his hind end which encourages him to step under and carry himself. I must say, its great to have a round pen, where I don’t have to worry about a lunge line affecting his balance. I like being able to let him figure it out for himself. I think it was the first time he ever had something like that around his butt because he gave a few good bucks and it took him a bit to figure out that it wasn’t coming off and it was easier to just accept it and move on. I was excited to see him actually chewing and trying to figure out how to stretch down into contact instead of fighting against it.

When he stretches down, he really does have a nice trot. Every once in a while, he takes a funky step with his hind end. I think its from the bursitis in his hip, but its also that he is still terribly on his forehand. That will get better, and did get better after working in the bitting rig today, but its a long process.

I have some pictures and short video clips from today’s work out. I’ll post them when I have the chance. I also put some new pictures of him on the FFI website, so be sure to check those out! 🙂


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