FFI · Storm Cellar

Very Pleased

Well, Stormy has been an interesting character to work with. He’s definitely going to take someone with confidence, who knows what they’re doing. But, aside from that, I’m really quite pleased with how he’s coming along. I think he really understands the concept of the bitting rig. I rode him today for the first time since starting to work him in that rig and he was like a different horse. He still has stiffness issues, but he was eager to seek out contact with the bit and we got upward and downward transitions (walk to trot and trot to walk) wit his head down and stretching forward. I could actually feel his back lift! Yippee! Yes, he was on the forehand, but considering where we had been (giraffe land), I’m very pleased with today’s ride.

As for my initial comment, he’s a bit obstinate. I think he has been both a bully and was bullied. He will put up a fight if you let him, but at the same time, he responds very well to praise. A confident owner and handler will be key with this cute fellow.


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