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Trail Riding Hero

Sara Busbice (the president of FFI) and I decided to participate in the B&O Trail Ride fund raiser at Natural Valley Farms. She rode Stormy and I rode Jewel. The third member of our TB contingency was made up of Sue Pratt and her TB gelding Printout. Although we knew that Stormy had been trail ridden extensively before he came to my barn, we still wondered what he would do.

It turns out that he was awesome. Not only was he confident, he really had no qualms with needing to be near the other horses. In fact, Sara says that there were a few times when he thought it would be great to just go down a different trail. She reported that most of the day, she rode him on the buckle. He would trot off a few times to catch up with the group, but in general was just awesome!

As far as soundness is concerned, he had an issue with jumping up the bank to get out of the creek. Oh yeah, we rode through a creek too. Because of the bursitis in his right hip, he was sore after being required to jump up the bank in order to get out of the creek. I gave him bute for a couple days after the ride and it seems to have helped. Due to a cold I’ve been dealing with, I haven’t been out to the barn in a few days though. Assuming he stays on fairly level ground, I think Stormy has found his calling. Here are a few pictures from the day:

Sue & Printout (Left) and Sara & Stormy (right)

Sara & Stormy

Sue, Sara & Amy

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