Storm Cellar · Stormy

I Want to Be a Trail Horse

…so says Stormy. Stormy is really happy just being out on the trail. He is happiest moving at a walk. He will trot and canter if you ask correctly, but pretty much prefers to take it easy. A confident rider is necessary, not because he is tricky, but rather because he can lack confidence if his leader lacks confidence. He has been taken on public trail rides (see the post below) and did VERY well. Not only did he take great care of his rider, but he didn’t even get nervous when they lagged behind a bit and he couldn’t see other horses. He does have some bursitis in his hip which means that he shouldn’t be ridden on hills or jumped. But other than that, he’s good to go.

So if you know of anyone who is looking for a low-key trail horse, please let them know about Stormy!


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