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Big Welcome to Roman & JC

I’m excited to offer a huge welcome to two new FFI horses: Roman and JC. Both of these horses are considered part of “Tony’s ExRacers” which means that they are being funded by a $20,000 grant received by Friends of Ferdinand, Inc. from the Tony Stewart Foundation. I don’t have great pictures of either right now, although I’m planning to take some today. Here is the scoop on both:

Roman (registered name Shedroe Warrior)
2004 Chestnut Gelding
Roman is a bright coppery red with a white star. He was fairly anxious yesterday about arriving to the knew barn and seems to be quite full of himself. I think his let down period will take a little longer and I’m interested to see what type of personality he really has once he lets down his guard. He has decent enough conformation. He is a more compact type with thicker body and neck. My guess is that he stands about 15.2 – 15.3h. I haven’t had the chance to really do much of anything with him, so I’m looking forward to getting to know him.

JC (registered name Jimmy Kool)
2004 Bay Gelding
I don’t know much about JC either, but he seems to be a very sweet guy. He is plain bay with no white markings, but he makes up for his plain coat patterns with a very regal presence. He has a beautiful, refined head and very nice conformation. He was also very willing to please, entered the barn quietly, although was a little looky at thing. He lead easily without a chain and stood quietly for blanketing.

The vet is coming today to check them both out. I’m looking forward to hearing what she has to say about them. Pictures will follow!


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