Roman · Shedroe Warrior

JC Cleared For Work, Roman Needs Rest

So the vet was out yesterday to give the horses a basic exam and see where they are after coming off the track. She looked at JC first. He was a very good boy and stood quietly during the exam. He also trotted along side me needing little persuasion so that the vet could see him go. The vet really likes him and mentioned that he was one of the nicer horses to come through the FFI program. He was declared sound and could begin light riding. The vet did mention though that although JC is tattooed an papered as a 2004 — which would make him 4 1/2 years old, his teeth say otherwise. His 4 1/2 year old teeth haven’t yet come in, which made the vet think he is only 3 1/2 years old. We’re going to keep an eye on his mouth and see what developes. He may just pop those teeth later than normal.

Roman was seen second and he was a bit more on edge. After some discussion, we think he may have been given Equipoise at the track, so it may be a while before he’s back to himself. At any rate, he is sore on both the left front and the right hind. The right hind is sort of a given with track horses since it is the leg that does the most work — in the left lead, they push off of it the most. However, the vet couldn’t find any reason why the left front is sore (no heat). There is an old splint that was popped some time ago, but its not warm. Roman is approved for turnout, but no work. We’re going to give him a month or so to see how he does on his left front.

Both horses will have their shoes pulled tomorrow.

JC was approved to head to a dressage clinic with me on Friday. I’m looking forward to working with him there and seeing how he does. It may be his first post-race ride.


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