Roman · Shedroe Warrior

Roman’s Coming Around

I think Roman has finally decided that he’s pretty much at a good place. His whole demeanor has changed in the last couple of weeks. He seems to be quite a smart boy and can size people up very quickly. He is also looking for a buddy. He just wants someone to join up with. In fact, he’s quite a sweetheart. I’ve determined that he can stand quietly in cross ties as well.

He and Stormy are both the bottom of the pecking order in the turnout group they’re in, so they have decided that being friends is better than fending for themselves. I’m glad that they have each other.

I haven’t been doing very much with Roman in regards to training because he is still so very sore and stiff on the right hind. That is to be expected just two weeks out of racing. I have been massaging the muscles in his right hind and his left fore. This really seems to help him. And he really enjoys it as well. He knows he’s not supposed to bite or nibble, but he reaches his head around toward me (when I’m working on his shoulder especially) and his lips quiver as though he wants to groom me. Its pretty cute.

I think turnout is going to be essential for him as well. He’s even more stiff in the morning when he gets turned out, but moves quite a bit better by the end of the day when he’s been out moving around on it. I’m sure the cold weather doesn’t help at all. The true test will be this spring/summer when it warms up and the horses are out all night long.

So anyhow, I also stuck him on the lunge line last night just to see what he knows. He understood about going out to the end of the lunge line and understood to try and trot. He is still very weak (or at least sore) in the hind end and its obvious on the lunge line. However, there has been tremendous improvement in his gait since he arrived and I think that is a good start. I’ll continue to massage the muscle and work him very lightly on the lunge line to help him figure out some balance.

I sure am enjoying watching him come out of his shell. He really is a good guy.


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