Jewel · Roman · Stormy


Just a quick update on everybody:

This guy is turning out to be a solid citizen and is a VERY nice mover. I was quite surprised to put him on the lunge and see a lovely trot with suspension. Too cool! I’m looking forward to seeing how things go with him.

Has a hidden tooth that needs taking care of (a wolf tooth hidden under the skin). Other than that, he’s doing great. I took him out on his first trail ride the other day and he was fabulous! We were alone and he was just fine. What a good boy! He also has a serious adoption application submitted on him. Some friends of mine from Wisconsin are coming down to look at him next weekend. I’m very excited about it!

Stormy is moving today to a barn with a trail rider who will be putting more time on him. That is what he needs. I think its the perfect situation for him.

New horse that I haven’t received yet. He’ll be coming at the end of the month. I’m excited to meet him!

Doing very well! She got her first intentionally done flying changes yesterday. I was so proud I almost cried. 🙂

More to come!!!


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