Magic Trial

Magic is Doing Well

Magic arrived on Saturday afternoon. He has since settled in nicely and is doing very well. He is a real sweetheart! I think its a little strange for him since this is probably one of the first times that he has gone somewhere that Tianna didn’t take care of him. Tianna was his owner/trainer. He was a little worried at first, but seems to have really settled in well.

I worked with him Monday on the lunge line. He was happy to be out and about. He has a VERY nice trot and figured out lunging quite easily. He also picked up both correct leads at the canter on the first try. I could tell he was uncertain about what we were doing, but he tried hard and that’s all I can ask for. I was quite pleased.

After lunging I worked with him a little in hand getting him used to a dressage whip and moving his haunches or shoulders over when they are tapped. This is how I start to teach them to come to me at the mounting block. He’s very smart and tries really hard to do what I ask.


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