first ride · Roman · Shedroe Warrior

Riding Roman

After a little time off for a stone bruise, Roman was officially started under saddle yesterday. I couldn’t have been more proud of him! We started off working in hand with the dressage whip so that he understands moving away from pressure. He quickly figured out about moving away from the tapping without over-reacting. He also figured out about moving towards me when I tapped on the far side of his body (so, away from tapping even if it is towards me).

He was very agreeable under saddle. If anything, he was a little sluggish. He was not opposed to me carrying a whip and moved any of the body parts over that I tapped on. This was very good in getting him to move his shoulders and/or haunches out and over on the circle. I finished the ride on a high note, which was when we actually had 5-6 trot strides with him stretching down over his topline into contact. He was such a good boy!

I really don’t think the ride could have gone better and I’m really looking forward to watching him develop under saddle.


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