Magic Trial · Roman · Shedroe Warrior

Magic & Roman Coming Along

Magic is really settling in well into life at the barn. Its pretty laid back here with not a lot of action, so its a great place for exracers to come and learn that life can have a slower pace. He does have some bite marks on his butt, but nothing terrible. He seems to have quickly figured out his place in the herd. He is also buddies with River, who is another TB gelding at the barn. I’ve seen the two of them running around together and playing. Their favorite game seems to be “I’m going to bite your butt and run!” Its pretty comical.

I don’t know if Magic had been lunged before, but he took to it pretty quickly. Its been cold and I’ve wanted to take it fairly easy on him, so he’s just been working on the lunge so far this week. However, I do plan to get on him tomorrow. I don’t think it will be a big issue. I would have ridden him today, however I was by myself at the barn much of the time and I make it a practice not to get on a track horse for the first time when I’m by myself. They usually don’t do anything stupid, but you just never know. I’d rather be safe than sorry. And I know there will be others out there tomorrow, so that will work out fine. Plus, I’ll have the week to prepare him for the upcoming clinic with Linda H, and it would be a good thing to have a couple rides on him before we go.

Roman is also going to the clinic. I’m really thrilled with how well he is doing. I rode him again today and he did really well. Like most exracers, he has a hard time getting off of his right front leg. When tracking right, moving outwards on the circle is really difficult for him, even at a walk, he really has to work to lift the right shoulder and move it over to the outside. It will get better with time. He’s also going through a growth spurt right now. He was 15.1 and fairly level when he arrived in November. He’s currently 15.2 in front and 15.3 behind. That doesn’t make it ay easier to lift the front end. Speaking of growing, his last baby teeth are falling out and his canines are starting to come in.

I lunged him outside yesterday too. He did great! I also let him run around the outdoor to get some action shots of him. These aren’t bad considering he’s having a hard time lifting the front end up and his neck is a little on the short side (not to mention being totally upside down from racing). Once he really gets some carrying strength and builds the right kind of muscle, he is going to be a very nice mover!


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