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Improvements & HHF Preparations

I just have to write that I have had some of the best rides on my mare lately. I’ve really been asking her to come over her back and engage her haunches. I’ve been riding exercises from the clinic last month as well as being very aware of NOT blocking her outside hind with my outside rein. Its made an incredible difference! Duh! Go figure. 😉 When I ride, not only can I feel her lift her back and raise me up, but I can also hear her hind feet clicking against the front feet as she swings the hind feet forward. She’s also sweating on her topline. Love it! Its amazing what a few simple exercises can do to make improvements.

And so now I’m just preparing for horse fair, which is two weeks from today. It will be Jewel’s 4th appearance there. And like last year, we are only doing the breed demos, no clinics. They actually don’t have a dressage clinician there this year, which is unfortunate. Last year, they had the Lipizzaner stallions from Temple Farms and the head trainer as a clinician. This year, I think they have an eventing clinician who is doing a day of dressage and 2 days of jumping. Seeing as I don’t currently own a jump saddle, that’s not something we’ll participate in. However I do hope to watch some of the rides.


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