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Quarterly Inventory

Well its the end of the quarter, so I guess I’ll do a little update on the ponies.

The first is Flirt, who I haven’t written too much about. Flirt is a former FFI horse that was adopted in March 09 by Stephanie from Michigan. She is a 2005 filly and a Seattle Slew grand daughter. She is a super cute filly and tends to learn pretty quickly. She has made major improvements over the past month. Round pen work has been great for her. She really needed to understand that she wasn’t in charge and that it was okay for her to trust a human. She has also calmed down in cross ties as well. She didn’t freak out in them, she just danced in them. However, I think we’ve finally gotten that taken care of. Under saddle, she is improving greatly in regards to balancing herself. She still needs help moving over to the right (lifting the right shoulder and stepping outwards), but she is happy to yield her haunches. The ground work we’ve been doing has been helpful as well. She’s understanding more that she needs to step under rather than just shuffle sideways. Its a combination of a young horse and track horse thing and she’s very willing to learn a better way. All in all, I’m pleased with her progress.

Magic is the 2nd horse that I’m working with. He continues to be nervous with a strong flight instinct even after the two months with me. After some discussion, it looks like someone will be taking him up to Jan and Archie Pickets for 30 days of trail training. He’ll actually get worked every day, which is exactly what he needs. He is only getting worked 3 times per week with me. Anyhow, I think it will be just what he needs to build confidence. And then he’ll still have a final 30 days with me before heading down south to his new home.

Roman is the 3rd horse. Technically, his official training time is over, but I will continue to ride him and help him progress until he is adopted. I was able to ride in two clinics with him. Linda is really thrilled with his progress and how much more supple he is getting. He’s still a stinker about wanting to give to the bit, but he’s getting better. And he’s a very smart horse, so part of it is just him testing the line to see what he can get away with. But, he learns so quickly that I really think that with more consistent work, he’s just going to blossom! There are also people driving from OH this weekend to see him. I’m really excited about that because it sounds like they’re going to be a perfect home for him.

And finally we have Jewel. More and more, I look at Jewel and just can’t believe that I own such a nice horse. Her weight is fabulous. I think the worming every month was exactly what she needed to maintain her weight. I recently rode her with Linda Heiny, who said that aside from working on some position stuff with me, she felt that Jewel was ready to show 2nd level. This is so gratifying for me. We’re finally back to where she was before the colic surgery. I couldn’t be more pleased with her.

And so there we are after the first quarter of the year. 🙂


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