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An Interesting April

Its been an interesting April. Flirt is doing really well and I’m very pleased with her progress. Hopefully the weather clears up so that I can get on her outside without tearing up the footing in the outdoor. I’d really like to get some cantering under saddle time on her before she leaves.

Roman has had it pretty easy. The family that came to look at him from Ohio determined that they probably weren’t going to be a good fit for him. While they were great riders, they don’t offer nearly the same amount of turnout that Roman gets at my barn (nearly 24 hours in the summer). They were concerned that his very mild cribbing could become an issue if he is left in a lot more. I too think it could be an issue. Plus, physically, he does much better being turned out than standing in his stall.

Jewel continues to be the princess. She is fat and sassy as ever. There is a clinic this weekend with Linda Heiny, but I don’t know if I’ll be riding in it. Probably not. Considering my riding has been restricted this month pretty much to client horses, I think I’ll wait until next month when I have the chance to ride my own horse a little more frequently. 🙂

Magic is doing very well up at Jan and Archie’s place. They sent photos today of him being ridden out on the trail. It looks like he is really coming along well and I couldn’t be more pleased. Its exactly what he needed!


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