Jewel · Roman

A Couple Nice Rides

Well, I had a couple nice rides today. I didn’t expect greatness from my horse since she’s had about a month off and it sometimes takes some convincing that she should actually work again. But, I was pleasantly surprised the good effort she gave. I would have like to have ridden outside, but it was just to wet out there yet. Heck, I nearly lost my muck boots just walking out in the paddock to get her. My muck boots go up to my knees and I had mud within two inches of the top. At one point, I wondered if I should continue further. Thankfully, it got shallower instead of deeper.

Anyhow, after riding Jewel, I rode Flirt. She is doing really well. I’m really pleased. She w/t/c both directions on the lunge with ease. Her lateral work on the ground is really coming along. I do have to remind her (under saddle) to move her shoulders to the outside. She really wants to fall inwards. We’ve been doing some turns on the haunches, which require her to pick up the inside shoulder and shift her weight to the outside in order to do so. They’re a little sloppy yet, but getting better. She is also standing quietly in the cross ties and standing quietly at the mounting block. I’m proud of where she’s at and how far she’s come!

After riding Flirt, I was pretty much wiped out. Linda was giving a lesson to another border and there was quite a lot of dust in the air. I just needed to not be breathing all that in. In other words, Roman got another day off. The good news though is that someone is interested in him and is scheduled for a visit on Wednesday. From what I know of this person (based on her adoption application), she would make a great home for him. Hopefully it all works out!


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