Jewel · Magic Trial · Sea Dar

Magic, Darcy, Flirt & jingles needed for Jewel

Well I picked up Magic today and he is like a completely different horse. MUCH more confident. Really laid back. Its as though he finally took a deep breath and realized that life just doesn’t have to be rushed. I was thrilled to see him go so well and even more thrilled to get to ride him. Jan gave me a tour of the property during a 30 minute or so trail ride. Magic did great and I know his owner Chris is going to be thrilled with him! I’m looking forward to some good trail rides in the upcoming weeks.

Since I had access to the truck and trailer, Sara Busbice, the FFI president asked if I could move a couple of horses around. After getting Magic back home, I headed down to Horse & Hound Vet clinic to pick up Bartlett, who was left there after not passing his vet check to the desires of the adopter. He went back to his foster home and will be starting training for a beginner level horse trial later this summer. He seemed excited to be home. From that foster home, I picked up Darcy (registered name Sea Dar) , who will be heading up to Jan and Archies in June.

When I got back, I brought in Flirt and Jewel to ride them. Jewel had a swollen knee with what looked to be a scrape. Turns out to be a cut. It looks like she just cut the surface skin (the hide) on her right knee. I have no idea what she could have cut it on. The whole knee is swollen, and while she’s sore on it, she isn’t lame. She trotted sound on the lunge line. I cleaned the wound as best I could and determined that the cut at least is superficial. I can’t find anything that looks like a puncture or a deeper slice. I have no idea what she did. I guess it could be a kick, but the cut is so clean that I’m tending towards a wire cut. I gave her a gram of bute and tucked her in her stall for the night. We’ll see how she is doing tomorrow. I wish I’d seen it before I drove to the vet’s today to pick up Bartlett because would have hauled her down there just to be on the safe side.

Flirt was filthy. Just absolutely gross looking. Such is what happens when we get 7 inches of rain in one week. She was also shedding like crazy, so I decided to give her a bath. She got a good scrub down and looks so much better! She’s a bit thin for my taste. She just looks racing fit. I’d like to see more fat on her, but I think the issue is that she’s gone through another growth spurt because she is no longer butt high. I left a note for her grain to be increased. After the bath I lunged her out on the grass arena. It is actually dry enough to work out there (I’m surprised!). If the weather holds out tomorrow, I hope to get to ride her out there. Keep your fingers crossed!


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