Magic Trial · trail riding

Magical Trail Ride

Just a note to update you all on Magic. He is still hanging out with me, although his owner is planning to have him shipped home around July 21st. We had a wonderful ride the other night. The temperature had dropped and there was a nice breeze. We went out to the outdoor arena and walked, trotted and cantered both directions. He’s still pretty sticky with his left lead. He much prefers to canter on his right, which I find amusing (usually its the other way around with track horses). Anyhow, after about 15 minutes, we headed off on the trail. He was a superstar!! He looked around a lot, but just walked. My proudest moment for him was when we came to a mulberry tree and he stood still allow me to pick berries until I had my fill (or at least picked what I could reach from the saddle). Then we headed off to the barn. I’m really pleased with is progress. Will he be a show horse? Nope. But he’s perfect for the trail!!


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