Good Ride on Flirt

I had a nice ride on Flirt today. I finally got to canter her outside. Even though I had ridden her quite a few times before, the footing and weather outside just never worked out for me to get to ride her out there. So finally, today I did. And while she was distracted and seemed to have forgotten most of what she had learned just 6 short weeks before, she eventually settled into steady, stretching contact and worked well for me. We even got to canter! Her canter is quite stiff, but she really listened to my seat and body position and was pretty quiet.

Hopefully on Sunday after the prospective adopter rides her, we can get some video of her going under saddle.

I was planning to ride Jewel as well, but unfortunately it looks like she got kicked in the belly. She has a nice arc-shaped wound on her belly right in front of her stifle. She has some funky drainage pouch on her leg. I’m not sure if the two are related or not. Regardless, she was kind of stiff and not wanting to move out on the lunge (which is very a-typical of her), so I cleaned up the wound and turned her back out. My guess is that she’ll be fine in a few days.


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