Outside with Another Horse

Well, it was a bit of an eye opening thing to ride Flirt outside with another horse. To date, I haven’t ridden Flirt with another horse. It makes sense that she would be strong and unfocused with another horse cantering towards her, but somehow I didn’t think of that when we were riding. I’m hoping that Erica will be out soon to ride Darcy so that I can ride with another horse in the ring. I think using Sara’s feedback about the two horses working at opposite ends of the ring and passing each other on figure eights will be useful for Flirt, especially since she tends to have a lot of tension (perhaps from the track) about working around other horses. Her only skill before then was to run with them. So it makes sense for her to not understand that we don’t want her to run.

Anyhow…we’ll see how today’s ride goes.

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