To Part Lease or Not

So I made a sort of brash decision today and listed Jewel for part lease on dream horse.  Now its not because I don’t have time to ride.  Well, okay, I don’t have time to ride — but it really that I don’t have as much time to ride as I would like.  There is a difference, right?  Hmmm.  I got to thinking that I would really like to have my horse ridden more frequently than I’m able to get out there.  She could easily go 6 days a week and she really needs to get back into shape.  I’m planning to ride 3-4 days per week now that I’m home again.  If I found the right person to ride her, I think it could work out well.  The key is going to be having the right person.  I’m also requiring that any person who is going to part lease take at least one lesson per month with Amanda Pisano.  Amanda knows Jewel best and will also be honest with me about the skills of the rider and whether she believes it will be a good fit.

Aside from wanting Jewel to be in regular work, I will be taking on an FFI horse this fall and at some point, may be asked to ride him/her.  It will be nice knowing that Jewel will still be in regular work even if I ride her fewer times each week.

Anyhow, we’ll see how it goes.  I may also find that I’m a bit of a stickler about who is good enough to ride the precious princess. Ha! I’ll be sure to post here when and if I move forward…or if I change my mind! 😉


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