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Why You Should Attend the IHC Octoberfest Show

There is an immediate need at the Hoosier Horse Park to provide safe footing that can accommodate various disciplines, while minimizing dust, maintenance, and concussion to the horses and providing necessary grip. The solution being considered for the dressage and stadium arenas at the Hoosier Horse Park is the same fiber product sold by Premier Equestrian that the Kentucky Horse Park has installed in its new Main Arena. For more information about this product, visit http://www.dressagearena.net/pages/ggtarenafooting.html. This fiber meets the critical needs mentioned above and has a life expectancy of 10 years or more. The approximate cost of this material for these arenas is $25,000. Baker Arena will require more effort with a new clay base and sand installation, while ensuring that the liner is not damaged. Estimates are being investigated, but preliminary numbers indicate that it will cost approximately $25,000 to complete the Baker Arena project. A grant request is being submitted to ECLR to help supplement footing and drainage improvements in addition to this fundraiser.

By repairing the most critical concern of the varying disciplines, our goal is to re-establish Hoosier Horse Park as a first-class equestrian facility, resulting in expanded use of the Park. The growth in use of the Park illustrates the need and interest of the equestrian community in these facilities. This then provides a strong argument to present the hotel tax bill in next year’s legislative session to obtain long term funding which will be necessary to renovate and maintain the Park for future equestrians.

The opportunity arose for organizations that utilize the Park and that would benefit from these footing improvements to partner with the Indiana Horse Council and provide much needed support from the equestrian community to increase the fundraising efforts. The Horse Park is a proud partner with the Indiana Horse Council in an effort to benefit both organizations, and all equestrians.

More information on the show can be found here: http://www.indianahorsecouncil.org/Events/octoberfest.htm


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