Jewel · Moro Rapidoe · Roxie

End of October Updates

Technically its November, but I figured I’d bring everyone up to speed on what was going on with the two ponies.

Jewel is doing great.  She was chiropracted a week ago Monday and it made an unbelievable difference.  She doesn’t have a lot of strength or endurance, but the willingness and the initial thrust is there.  We’ve been riding each day just doing long and low work.  No collection and in fact, didn’t even start cantering again until a couple days ago.  I’m really pleased with her progress.  She is already starting to change her body shape, which really pleases me!

Roxie is pretty much just hangin’ out.  She couldn’t be sweeter.  She greets me in the pasture whenever I go out to get Jewel.  She knows I’ll love on her a bit and stands quietly while I do.  She integrated into the herd fairly seamlessly.  No fuss or fighting, although I have noticed a couple of bite marks on her (and on Jewel), but nothing serious. She’s starting to get a fuzzy coat, although TB fuzzy, not “normal horse” fuzzy.  TBs just don’t seem to grow shaggy coats.  Well, none of mine ever have.  We’ll re-evaluate her in a month or so and see how she’s moving and how her feet are.  Hopefully I can get on her soon. I think she’s going to make someone a really nice horse!


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