first ride · Moro Rapidoe · Roxie

Riding Roxie

I got on Roxie for the first time yesterday.  She is still uncomfortable having her right ear bent when putting the bridle on, but aside from that, she was just fine tacking up.  Dave held her for me for mounting.  She was a little unsure of the whole standing still thing, as well as my legs being down so low on her sides.  However, she quickly relaxed and stretched down into contact (yay) and we walked and trotted around the ring.  It was no big deal.  

I met a young woman a couple months ago at the Octoberfest horse show who had galloped Roxie during her days on the track.  This young woman said that she was thrilled that Roxie had been retired to FFI and that she had been one of her favorites because she was a good horse and comfy ride — “a Cadillac” she said.  Its true from what I can tell.  She has a big, long strides at the walk and trot.  There is a lot of spring in her step.  I’m looking forward to future rides!

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