Moro Rapidoe · Roxie

Roxie’s Breakthroughs

I’m happy to report that Roxie has had a pretty major breakthrough with her ears.  I think she finally realizes that they’re feeling better and that it isn’t going to hurt to have me touch them.  Yesterday, I took the bridle on and off three times without issue! Woo hoo!  What a good girl!

She also had a breakthrough about the mounting block.  She figured out that it is a good thing to stand still at the mounting block.  She is also learning to come to me at the mounting block.  This is going to require a bit more work, but she’s trying.  She’s figuring out that the whip isn’t a bad thing and that when I tap her with it, she needs to move that body part (that got tapped) away from the whip, even if its towards me.  This is a new concept for her, but she seems to be catching on quickly.

Under saddle Roxie is wonderful to ride.  She thinks a lot and gets frustrated if she doesn’t understand what I’m asking.  She shows this by swishing her tail.  In typical TB mare fashion, she would prefer to do what she knows and just take over the situation.  But she’s doing well.  Yesterday, she did very well at moving off my leg laterally.  She is very responsive to shifts in body weight.  She started trotting off of my seat (didn’t even need to use my leg) and then came back to a halt from trot off my seat.  She’s light in the bridle, but wants contact.  She’s comfortable stretching down into contact.  She is going to make someone a very nice horse!


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