A Visit with Sawyer

Over the holidays, I was lucky enough to be able to travel home to Wisconsin and spend some good old quality time with friends and family.  On December 23rd, I headed to Madison to spend the day with Pam Groth, adopter of Sawyer, one of my first foster horses.  Sawyer’s registered name is Jimmy Kool and we called him JC.

Through the months since Pam adopted Sawyer, I have gotten photos and little updates from her.  However, this was the first time I had been able to actually go visit him since he left here in March.  I’m thrilled to report that Sawyer is doing fabulous.  I didn’t get to see him under saddle because Pam had the chiropractor out the day I was there.  However, he is in excellent weight and appears to be very happy and healthy.  In addition, its quite obvious that Pam simply adores him.  They are a good match.  Please enjoy the following photos of Pam and Sawyer.

Pam & Sawyer in the barn.
Look how glossy his coat is!

Outside in the snow!

Where’s my blanket?

His “Do you have a cookie?” face.

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