Horse Show · Jewel · Moro Rapidoe · Roxie

Show Time

Roxie is really coming along nicely. I’m quite pleased with her! The tenderness of her ears is decreasing despite the fact that her ear plaque is coming back. 😦 She also has some funky looking warts on her vulva and anus, so I’ll be having the vet out to check on those. I think part of her tenderness is just plain old head-shyness, but when combined with very sensitive ears, it makes for a difficult time bridling and haltering. The good news is that we can now halter without issue. Bridling has come a long way as well. The first time I tried to bridle her, I resolved to taking the bridle apart after nearly 20 minutes of struggling. Now, I no longer have to take it apart and she stands quietly. I still have to take things slowly with no sudden movements. And I have to talk to her and love on her the entire time. But, she allows me to bend her ears and put the bridle on. It is no longer a huge production. So I’d say that’s improvement!

Under saddle, I couldn’t be more pleased. She is learning to come to me at the mounting block. She pretty much has the “come to me” part figured out. Its the proximity that she needs to work on. That is to say that she gets too close. But still, to have a whip-shy, head-shy horse be able to take direction from someone on a mounting block holding a whip and then stand quietly for mounting is a pretty big accomplishment.

Her gaits and temperament under saddle couldn’t be nicer. She is a very floaty mover with long, stretchy strides. She responds wonderfully to the seat and shifting in weight. She’s doing so well that we’re registered for the February 6th dressage show at Foxton Farms. Part of this is to get her out and let people see her go. Another part is to see how her mind handles going to a new place with new horses. The only other time she’s done that has been to go to the track. She could be just fine. She could be a spaz. We’ll see. 😉 We’ll be riding in Intro A & B (just walk/trot). I don’t think it will be a big deal as long as she settles into things. I’m also taking Jewel and riding Training 4 and First 1. It should be a fun day!


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