Moro Rapidoe · Roxie

Roxie Has a Pending Adoption

I’m excited to report that Roxie has a pending adoption! Yay! Her would-be adopter visited this past Friday and despite very cold weather (it was only 7 degrees by 9:30AM), was cheerful and excited about meeting Roxie. Roxie was a very good girl about the whole thing. She was a little anxious and fidgety in the cross ties, but this was a little different than her normal routine. Regardless, after some lunging, she settled right in. I rode her, followed by Rachel (the adopter) and her friend/trainer Lori. Roxie did great and Rachel really seemed to click with her. I think it is going to be a good match!

While it isn’t finalized yet, I’m thrilled about it and believe Rachel will provide Roxie with a very good home. Check on the FFI homepage to keep an eye on her status. As of right now, although the board has approved it, the adoption is pending approval of the facility by a local veterinarian. Roxie will be going to an eventing barn SW of Dayton, OH.


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