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Two New Woolly Boys

Well, the good thing about being a foster home is that there are always horses in need.  With the ending of Roxie’s chapter as one of my foster horses, a new chapter was started yesterday with the arrival of two very woolly geldings, Sunny Thoughts and Friendly Neighbor.  Both are exracers who retired in 2007 and were, to my knowledge, pretty much made into pasture pets.  In addition, both have pretty decent conformation and are big bodied, big boned (and more importantly) big-footed fellows.  My initial thought is that they will make good hunters or possibly eventers.  They’re very sweet and seem to be well mannered.  I’m looking forward to getting to know them a little bit more. 

Sunny Thoughts

Friendly Neighbor

As you can see, they’re both in need of a good grooming, but bother are put together pretty well.  I think when spring comes, we’re going to have a couple of ugly ducklings turned swans. 🙂  Keep an eye out here for more information and pictures.

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