Don’t Like Your Neighbor? Get a Friendly one!

This is Friendly Neighbor, aka Ned, a 2001 Thoroughbred gelding. Ned retired from racing in 2007 and lived the life of a pasture ornament until earlier this spring when he was donated to Friends of Ferdinand Inc. Then, for a short time, he was one of my foster horses. Ned arrived with Wilson (see previous posts) and went off to “summer camp” where he has learned about trail riding, going forward and in general remembering that thoroughbreds do indeed have a really good work ethic. 😉 He’s looking and doing great — and he’s still available for adoption. Although I doubt he’ll be around for very long. The quick stats:

YOB: 2001
Height: 16.0h
Weight: 1100 lbs (this is a big boy)
Skills: Awesome on trails – alone or in group; will start learning ring work next month
Temperament: Very laid back and easy going

More information: Click here!


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