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A Pair of Mares

2003 Mare – Double Dots

So I have two new foster horses.  Both are mares.  They arrived this past weekend.  The first is Double Dots, who was donated to FFI last fall.  She is quite a looker and chalk full of personality.  She is recovering from an injury sustained after she retired from racing and is pretty much just here for the turnout my barn offers.  I know Dot has an adoption application in on her, but I don’t know if her adoption is pending or not.  I do know that Dot has not had any retraining under saddle since her time from the track.  She also only sound for light riding and breeding.  Best to check the FFI website if you think you might be interested in her.

2004 Mare – Blazen Honey

The second mare is a brand new donation to FFI.  Her name is Blazen Honey and she simply couldn’t be any sweeter!  She is a little timid, but very sweet and smart as a whip!  She is a 2004 liver chestnut with two front white ankles and a nearly perfect oval on her forehead.  My best guess is that she is approximately 16h tall.  She has lovely conformation for a sport horse and I think with a bit more time off to come down from racing, she is going to be a really nice prospect.


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