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Fall Updates

Well apparently I’ve been busy!  There also haven’t been that many updates until recently.  Here is where things currently stand.

3 FFI Horses:
Rose (Blazen Honey)
Presley (Presidential Envoy)
Duval (Sir Nasty)

1 Private Training Horse:
Shamrocks Fibber

Rose seems to be healing well.  She is finally trotting sound in the shoulder.  She doesn’t take big strides, but she does move evenly.  This is a major improvement!  The vet will be out to see her in a week or so.

Sir Nasty, aka DuvalDuval will be leaving soon for another foster home in OH.  I simply don’t have time for them all! 🙂  He is a very handsome tall 2005 bay gelding.  I haven’t sticked him, but my guestimate is somewhere in the 16.2h range.  His inside left rear pastern is white.  Otherwise, he is a solid bay (sort of a blood bay versus seal).  He is very sweet and easy to handle.  I have no reason to believe that he has any soundness issues.  The farrier will come tomorrow to pull his shoes.  He still has race plates on.

Presley is a super sweet “pocket pony” 4 year old gelding.  He also will be seeing the vet for his intake exam.  He is a liver chestnut with very handsome face.  His marking include a thin blaze and two socks.  He is in the 15.3-16h range and built a little more like a QH.  He is a fairly severe cribber, but thankfully doesn’t crib with a miracle collar on.

My training project is Fibber, a 15 year old gelding that is privately owned.  He retired from racing in ’07.  He is sweet, intelligent and a handsome chap!  He is easily taller than my own mare (who is 16.1 1/2).  I have yet to stick him, but I’d say he’s in the 16.3-17h range.  He’s also a big scopey mover!  I love how he moves!  He needs some groceries as he’s recovering from a neglect situation.  He also needs some topline muscle from lack of work.  But, all in all, I think he’s going to be a really fun project.  There is a really nice pleasure horse in there somewhere.  Its just a matter of finding him. 🙂  Photos coming soon!

My own mare Jewel is doing really well.  She’s the only one I’m riding at the moment, although I hope to be on Fibber in the next day or two.  She is looking great, although a bit of a hay belly from time off recently (puncture wound and 100 degree late summer heat).  I’m going to be starting her on a topline supplement as well.  Its a protein supplement that is designed to help horses build muscle.  We’ll be starting that soon.  All in all, I’m quite pleased with where she is at.

I’ll be keeping this more up to date now that things are rolling again! 🙂  What are you and your horses up to this fall?  Did you show this summer?  How’d you do?


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