Spring Updates

First, let me start by saying that I’m really glad that spring is finally here.  The cold weather and snow has been here too long!  Updates for horses are mixed.  Read on to see why.

FFI Horses

Presidential Envoy has been ADOPTED!  Whoo hooo!  He has a found a home with Sarah Bowers, who adopted one of my other retraining projects, Roman.  In keeping with the “R” theme of her horse’s names, Presidential Envoy is known as Randsom at her barn.  So, she has Romana, Roman and Randsom.  They have started work under saddle and will be hitting the show circuit this summer.

Sir Nasty was moved to another foster home late last year.  He is known as “Lincoln” and appears to be doing well.  Check out the FFI website for updates on Lincoln’s progress and availability for adoption.

Blazen Honey, aka Rose, is still with me.  While her physical condition is very good (quite fat actually), she is still not sound on the left front.  Her shoulder is much improved and she moves much more comfortably on her hocks.  However, she still has swelling in the left front fetlock and is not sound on a circle.  She retired from racing in June 2010, but at this point, her future is still up in the air.  It doesn’t look like she’ll be sound for any kind of riding.  I don’t know what FFI’s plan are for her.  She would make an excellent broodmare or pasture pet if such a home could be found.

Training Horse

Shamrock’s Fibber This is where the real sad news comes into play.  Fibber has severely wounded himself.  Without going into too much story, he has sustained a puncture wound into the hock.  Whatever punctured him has ruptured the joint capsule and entered one of the bones of the hock.  This was discovered on Tuesday.  The vet indicated that the injury had happened in the previous 24-36 hours.  Of course, due to the weather, all the horses were covered in mud, making scrapes and other injuries nearly impossible to see.  Due to the mud, infection was already present.  It appears as though he got his hind legs caught up in something.  Perhaps the fence?  There are no indications in the turnout area.  Per the vet, this is just a horse being a horse.

Previous to this, he had sustained a front leg injury, which may have been career ending, but not necessarily life ending.  The vet had initially been called out for diagnostic exams on the front leg when the hind leg injuries were discovered.

Given his age (16 years) and his prognosis for soundness (very slim), his owners have decided to euthanize him. Fibber is a very sweet horse and I will miss him.  My heart also goes out to his owners.  This is a terrible decision to have to make.


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