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Getting Ready for Summer

Its going to be a pretty laid back summer.  Due to my pregnancy, I have no plans for shows at this point.  I may ride in a clinic or two if I get it organized in the next month.  Considering I’m already (nearly) 5 months along, I’m just happy to be riding still. 🙂  With that said, I have been in search of someone to part lease my horse.  I’m not looking for anyone to do anything fancy, just ride 2-3 times per week to help keep her fit during the months when I’m not able.  I have found a likely candidate and it could be a really good match.  We’ll see how it goes and I’ll be sure to update here. 🙂

Rose (Blazen Honey) is the only FFI horse that I have at the moment.  She looks great!  While she is moving a lot better than she was when she came off the track (about a year ago), she is still lame on the left front.  There is permanent swelling around the fetlock.  The vet has received a donation for a join injection and we’ll be trying that out to see if it improves her condition at all.  In the mean time, I’m not sure what the plans are for her future.  I know that FFI is not interested in adopting a horse back as a production broodmare or race broodmare.  However, if someone wanted her has a broodmare for warmblood breeding, it may be a good option for Rose.

Temperament wise, she is awesome.  She’s a total sweetheart and if/when she is sound for riding, with training, I think she would make a great youth horse.  She is the alpha mare in her pasture, but on the ground with people, she’s fabulous.  Easy to groom, clip, bathe, etc.  She’s very uncomplicated.  Here is a link to her pedigree as well: http://www.pedigreequery.com/blazen+honey

Here is picture snapped yesterday by Sue Pratt of FFI.  Rose looks great considering she’s been out of work for nearly a year.

Blazen Honey, aka Rose, on 5/30/2011.

This is what she looked like when she came off the track, so there is lots of potential here!

Rose, shortly after coming off the track.

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