trail riding

Charity Trail Ride at Traders Point

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in central Indiana and I spent part of it the best way I know how — at a charity trail ride with good friends.  My friends Lynn Reed and Sue Pratt joined me at Wild Air Farms in Zionsville (home of the Traders Point Hunt & Traders Point Charity Show).  The grounds are simply stunning and I’d always wanted to ride on them.  The event offered a chase, a pace and a trail ride.  Given my delicate condition, we opted for the trail ride.  This was especially meaningful to me as it is the first (and only) group trail ride I’m going on this summer due to my pregnancy.  Aside from getting a bit anxious when a rider behind us jumped a fence next to us unannounced, Jewel was fabulous.  Wings, Sue’s OTTB mare, was excellent too!

The Hoosier Ladies Aside, a local sidesaddle group, celebrated their 10th anniversary by hosting a charity ride at the beautiful hunt and show grounds.  The beneficiary for the monies collected was Morning Dove Therapeutic Riding Center, also located in Zionsville, IN.  Morning Dove is currently raising funds to build an indoor riding arena.   I was lucky enough to get to meet and ride with Lori, the President of the BOD for Morning Dove.  She was very friendly and full of great information about the organization and their future.  I’m happy to have contributed a small part to an organization that does much for special needs individuals in the area.

Sorry…no photos from this ride.  I figured it was best to pay attention and keep both hands on the reins.   🙂  I hope you’re enjoying your spring.  Let me know what fun events you readers have been up to with your horses!


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