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Developing the Topline

So a couple weeks ago, I shared a photo of my mare working on the lunge line as part of our warmup.  I was thrilled with her topline development and how much it is improving.  My trainer suggested that I find a photo from earlier to see if I can really visualize how much her muscling has change.  Well, I found one.  Here is is.  Even in this April shot, you can see the muscle in front of the wither really starting to pop out.  And in the July shot, it is really quite large.  The muscle has grown not only in width, but also up the length of her neck.  I really couldn’t be more pleased!

And the best part is how quickly this muscle has grown.  We basically started back to work in January 2014 after a number of years of intermittent riding due to my back-to-back pregnancies.  We (I say we because I do take 2-3 lessons/mo, however I am the only one who rides her) have been really focusing on getting a nice soft connection in the bridle and connecting the front end to the back end.  In other words, while most everything comes from the seat and the legs, we want her (the horse) to know that when I pick up the reins, it means she better lift her belly and engage her hind end.

I’d say its working.  🙂

Jewel's topline development from April to June 2014.
Jewel’s topline development from April to June 2014.

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