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What a Journey

I’ve had my horse for nearly 12 years.  Its one of the longest relationships of my life.   I’m so excited about where we are compared to where we were just a year ago.  But in looking further back, I’ve been here before…right on the edge of (in this case) being a *real* dressage horse (schooling third level stuff), only to watch it slip away due to one thing or another.  Injury to horse.  Pregnancy.  Injury to horse. Pregnancy.  Injury to horse.  (NO…no more pregnancies).  But its been pretty much in that order.

But we’re back and I’m really so excited about where we are right now.

Through all this, I have come to learn that the journey is never EVER a straight line.  There are always pitfalls and recrossing one’s path, and sometimes back pedaling.  And usually the forward movement is in leaps.  Followed by what seams like a plateau, but in truth, it just looks like a plateau because underneath, all of that recrossing of one’s path is going on until you figure out whatever you need to figure out to make that leap forward.

Here we were in 2008.Jewel 2008

And then it was 5 years of craziness, injuries, pitfalls and pregnancies to get to 2013 — which was the very beginning of the climb back up to “dressage horse.”  And then on to 2014.  Those two images are almost exactly a year apart.


And here is where we are.  This is from Saturday.  I once again have my soft, round, uphill TB.  Although now she’s almost 17 instead of 10.

Despite her inevitable increase in age, I am really thrilled about our current trajectory. So my point here is really, no matter where you’re at with your horse and your training, just remember, the journey really looks like this:



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