Facing Reality

20140430_22193320140427_141112 A little more than a year ago, Jewel sliced open the inside of her right front fetlock.  Best we can figure, she cut it with her other front shoe.  It was a long recovery process and while there hasn’t been heat for a long time, there is still visible scar tissue on the area (aka “ankle jewelry”).

Over the past year, her left front foot has changed shape as she’s obviously been weighting the left front to relieve a bit of pressure from the right front.  She has also lost muscle on the right shoulder/wither area, as was found in a recent tracing for saddle fit.  She is also loosing some flexibility in that RF fetlock and its sore when she first starts working, but she eventually works through it.  Although she is sound to lunge and to ride, I think her jumping days are definitely over (not that we ever had a big career in jumping).  I’ve just spent a small fortune on a new (to me) saddle.  I am hopeful that the new saddle, the joint supplement and a regular work will help keep that pastern/fetlock working comfortably.  We’ll see what happens.

I’m thankful that I showed her in a USDF show at second level, even if we were no where near ready to show second level at the time.  Its a bit heartbreaking to face the reality that we might not be able to get back there.


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