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New Year. New Goals.

Ok, so the new year was a while ago.  Heck, its actually daylight savings today, which means we’ve been in this new year for a while now.  But that’s ok.  I am excited (to the point of being a bit sick to my stomach about it) to officially say that I really want to earn my USDF bronze medal on my mare.  And I think we can do it.  The tricky part is that I have exactly 0 scores, so I will be going back to first level to get those scores, then on to second, and so forth.  I make sound so easy when writing it out.  HA!  It is really anything but easy.  But that being said, it is still a goal for this year.  And it means that I need to have more BITS time.  What is BITS time?  Butt In The Saddle time.  🙂  And so for now, I’ll leave it at that.  I’m off to the barn!


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